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Using the latest liver scanning technology we can accurately measure your liver heath for optimum wellbeing.

Your liver – the inside story

Liver health has had little attention but we are starting to recognise the importance of this master organ. With an optimum liver you will feel multiple benefits including improved immunity, sleep, mood, mental clarity and glowing skin. 

It’s a little known fact that the liver performs over 500 vital functions including:

Clears blood of drugs, chemicals and alcohol


Helps to provide immunity against infection

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Converts excess glucose to starch for storage

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Equilibrium Labs, leading experts in the field of liver heath, are on a journey to increase awareness surrounding this all important organ. Their mission, via The Liver Clinic,  is to advance the future of global liver health with tech enabled healthcare.

The introduction of their Liver Clinic and making liver scanning accessible to everyone, is an important step to understanding how crucial good liver health is.  A simple liver scan can help identify your liver score allowing you to make informed decisions about your future.

Liver Scanning

The FibroScan® is a non-invasive way to measure liver health providing valuable information allowing you to take control of your future.

By measuring liver stiffness liver scanning can help identify liver fibrosis at an early stage before the development of symptoms.

Early intervention, such as lifestyle modifications or specific treatments, can potentially slow down or even completely reverse the progression of liver disease.

We are able to offer liver scanning from one of our clinics or alternatively, we can send our qualified team to your home so you can enjoy a more exclusive experience.

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”Our liver is an incredibly resilient organ that will work hard to keep us healthy and will only start to show signs of distress in the form of fatty deposits when it can’t keep up with the demands of our lifestyles. This area of research has grown rapidly over the last 10 years as scientists realise the importance and impact that the liver has on our overall health and metabolism’’

Dr Federica Amati
PhD in Clinical Medicine Research and Chief Science Officer, EQ Labs

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