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Thank you for having your FibroScan® with The Liver Clinic, we hope that you found the experience insightful, informative and educational.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that your General Practitioner (GP) along with your Doctor retain the legal responsibility for your health. 

Whilst we gathered some high level information about your health and lifestyle to give context to the liver scan, this does not constitute a full medical history. We do not share your FibroScan® results with your GP or Doctor and we strongly recommend that you do so.

The liver is a vital organ that plays an essential part in your health and well-being. Diet, exercise and lifestyle can all play an important part in maintaining your liver health.  The FibroScan® primarily measures liver stiffness and liver fat and will not therefore detect all liver conditions, liver defects or liver cancers. 

Your FibroScan® score provides one indication of your liver health – like any single test it provides one data point, at one point in time and is not a complete assessment. Further insight into your liver health and other health indicators are often provided by a follow up blood test. This along with other tests may be appropriate for you and you should discuss this with your Doctor.

Whilst the FibroScan® machine is widely regarded as a “Gold Standard” for non-invasive liver tests, your FibroScan® score may be impacted under certain conditions. Examples of this are shown below but this list is not exhaustive:

  • You did not fast fully for three hours prior to your FibroScan®.
  • You have conducted strenuous exercise prior to your FibroScan® e.g  running a marathon or participating in equivalent endurance events over the last few weeks.
  • You had a recent illness e.g. taking antibiotics, had a COVID-19 infection within several weeks of your FibroScan®.
  • You are pregnant.


Whilst it is rare, as with any diagnostic test there is always a small risk of a “false positive” test result and we would strongly recommend that you have a repeat test in 6 or 12 months, especially if you have any elevated risk factors or lifestyle factors that may adversely impact your liver. In this case,please discuss this with your doctor.

Your liver score will also change as you age, so in order to build up a more consistent and detailed picture of your liver score, repeat scans every 6 or 12 months should be considered.

Even if your liver scores are within a healthy range at present, we would remind you that you need to keep them within a healthy range and be especially mindful that your diet, weight, lifestyle and alcohol consumption remains in line with the recommended guidance. Our websites and
www.loveyourliver as well as independent web sites such as and can provide a range of advice and guidance regarding these matters as will your GP. 

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